Charleston Divorce Lawyer

DIVORCE is often defined as “the action or process of legally dissolving a marriage”

No definition of divorce can ever capture all of its complexities and consequences.

Emotional – For most people, divorce brings forth intense emotional feelings that impact our perspective on the process. Fear, uncertainty, depression, terror, anger, and a host of other emotions are often a part of the process. Unfortunately, most people do not think clearly when in the above intense emotional states.

  • Fear of loss often triggers a “fight or flight” response. Many feel like running away or like fighting. Divorce can involve children. If children are involved, add a multiplier of 10 to the above emotional states. Our desire to protect our children is hard-wired into our DNA and the full power of this instinct can be released during divorce.
  • The financial consequences of divorce can change where you live, your retirement plans, and your view of the future.
  • “How did this happen to us/me” is one of the most common questions people ask. This question often brings forth answers that make you feel even worse. Many people need counseling to help deal with all of the mental and psychological aspects of divorce.

Divorce Attorney in Charleston South Carolina

As you obtain your divorce, you need an attorney who will stand with and for you. Lawyers in Charleston SC will be listing area attorneys who can help you navigate the legal issues surrounding divorce.


Divorce attorneys in Charleston South Carolina often have expertise in many areas of the law. It may be helpful if you at least know some of the following terms.

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